Family Trees

In ten, twenty, fifty years time many of us will be deceased, likewise how many of your close relatives, wonderful friends have passed on over the last ten, twenty, fifty years. They were most probably very influential in our lives whilst alive and yet in our busy lives we have most probably forgotten them. The purpose of this site is to create a link between the past and the future for anyone who wants to remember and remind us of their existence so that we can at least say a prayer for them on their birthday or anniversary of their death.

Now finished with this morbidness, families have grown apart, and the younger generation don't know who their cousins second cousins are, and this is a way of creating a link with immediate families and their extended families. Anyone can request access to the site, and build their own family-tree, and perhaps find other members of their families already here, thereby extended as well as linking the various trees.



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